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We carry everything you need to install, repair or upgrade your backyard pond or water feature.

  • Firestone PondGard® Pond Liner
  • Microbe-Lift® environmentally safe chemicals and cleaners
  • Savio® filters, skimmers, waterfalls, UV clarifiers and more - all in stock and reasonably priced
  • Pondmaster pumps-reasonably prices, energy efficient and long lasting
Small statuary pumps to the largest  waterfall and stream pumps.
Spa and pond tubing-up to 2 inches in diameter.
Fittings, adapters, bulkhead couplings, check valves, filter media and more.
Pond and water feature “misters”.
Water “spitters” to add that final touch to your pond.

We stock repair parts for many of the most popular pumps.

Sacio waterfall with integrated UV filter exploded view of Savio waterfall Savio versa filter
We stock a selection of the major pond filter, skimmer and waterfall manufacturers.
Many filters are now available with built-in Ultra-violet (UV) filters. UV filters are great for eliminating the "Green water" that is so common in the spring. We also carry stand alone UV filters.
pumps and repair fittings
We carry a large inventory pond pumps in various sizes. We recommend Pondmaster pumps for our customers. The new Pondmaster "ProLine" model pumps come with a stainless steel impeller and a two year limited warranty.
We also carry replacement impellers and impeller covers for many sizes of Pondmaster Mag-drive pumps.
Savio disappearing waterfalls
Pondmaster pressurized filter
Custom Backyard Pond

Back yard waterfall with pond mister and disappearing stream.

Buy Pond waterfalls, filters and skimmers on line

  • Waterfalls oxygenate the water and provide a visual center point for your pond. The waterfall vault is the perfect place for biological filter media.
  • Skimmers draw off surface debris and provide mechanical and biological filtration. Because of their design, they are installed at the opposite end of the pond from the waterfall. The skimmer is designed to hold the pond pump safely and make it easily accessed
  • Pressurized pond filters provide mechanical, biological and UV (ultra violet) filtration. They can be partially buried and located outside of the pond. Some are designed to be cleaned without being opened.
  • A "disappearing waterfall" allows you to have an attractive waterfall and stream without a pond.

Pondmaster pressurized filters come in two sizes and both sizes are available with or without an integrated Ultra-Violet (UV) filter. The P-1000 and PUV-1000 provide excellent filtration for ponds up to 1000 gallons in volume. The P-2000 and PUV-2000 will filter ponds up to 2000 gallons in volume. All of our Pondmaster pressurized filters have the following features:
A -Quick Connect Hose fitting - For easy tool-free hose removal and reassembly
B - Clear Multiport Valve
- Control and visually monitor water clarity during backwash/rinse operation.
C -Waste Port Valve - Convenient ball valve directs waste water.
D - UV Lamp (PUV Models only) - Internal long thin bulb assembly forces water close to bulb for longer contact time with rays
E - Bio-Matrix Media - Reusable media affords maximum surface area for beneficial bacterial growth
F - Agitator - Efficiently unlocks waste from media with minimum water loss during backwash/rinse.
G - Optional Bottom Valve (Not Shown) - Available and recommended to facilitate seasonal draining.
H - UV Lamp Ballast (PUV Models only) -Top mount for convenient access.
I - Agitator Handle - Dual purpose - Manually turns internal agitator; also allows safe viewing and confirmation of UV Lamp status.
J - Pressure Gauge - Displays internal pressure to indicate when routine backwash is necessary.
K - Pressure Clamp - Stainless steel security.
L - Heavy Duty Poly Canister - Weather proof - - designed for burial near pond.

Pondmaster pressurized filter detail