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Sprinkler system Design, Installation, Parts and Repair

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CJ & J Sprinkler and Pond Supply carries the top commercial brands of gear rotor, popup and drip irrigation products. Hunter, MP Rotator, Toro, Rainbird, Irritrol, MP Rotator, Orbit and Febco  sprinkler parts are all in stock in our Loveland store.

Whether you are installing a new system or retrofitting an inefficient, existing sprinkler system, we can provide the parts, tools and expertise to get the job done right. Give us a call or stop by. We can give you the facts and assist you in designing a more water efficient sprinkler system.

All of our systems are designed with water conservation and energy savings in mind.



Drip irrigation saves water and time

Drip watering systems provide the best in conservation, convenience, and appearance. Drip irrigation products conserve water by slowly applying just the right amount to plants’ root zones instead of non-growth areas. This means less water is lost to evaporation and runoff. Drip irrigation systems are more convenient because they eliminate hand watering of small areas and reduce weed growth. We stock valves, pressure reducers, filters, drippers, manifolds, distribution tubing, fittings, mini spray heads, retrofit products, cooling systems and much more.

Drip irrigation systems can easily be integrated into an existing sprinkler system or can be hooked to a hose fitting. We have manual and automatic valves and timers to fit all budgets

drip irrigation parts drip irrigation conserves water hose fittings

Large, well organized stock of PVC parts

Find what you need, quickly and easily. We stock 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" , 1-1/2" and 2" PVC fittings as well as repair couplings, adhesives, nipples, risers, tape and tools. We carry a large stock of PVC pipe and fittings for most residential sprinkler systems. Many sizes and styles of valve boxes and extensions are on the shelf and ready to go.
We carry many hard to find items to make your installation or repair go as smoothly as possible.

PVC fittings
valve boxes
PVC nipples and risers

We have the best selection and prices on sprinkler parts for new installations and repair

We carry the top brands of sprinkler parts, including Rainbird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro and Greenlawn.

Ask to see the MP Rotator sprinkler nozzle. It is our most popular nozzle and can be used to upgrade an existing system and give you back the coverage you had when your system was new. It will fit your existing pop-up body and give new life to an old and inefficient sprinkler system. It also works great for a new system, reducing the number of sprinkler zones required. MP Rotator's are certified water conservation products. We have more information on the MP Rotator below.

Our stock of valve and PVB (pressure vacuum breaker) repair parts is one of the largest in the area. Valve diaphragms and solenoids will degrade over time and cause your sprinkler system to leak and waste many gallons of water. We have the parts you need to repair the leaky valve, saving time and expense.

We also do custom residential sprinkler design. Bring in a scale drawing or we can come out and measure for you. We provide a computer generated color design, based on what works best for you, not the sprinkler manufacturer.

valve repair a variety of sprinkler heads
We carry a wide assortment of PVB repair parts. FEBCO and Watts are the two major brands in this area. They use plastic internal parts that are designed to break if water is present in the PVB during freezing weather. These parts are easy to replace and we will be happy to show you how. We carry standard hose and pinch clamps but you might want to consider one of the variety of saddle clamps we carry. They don't require you to cut the pipe are much easier to install. We also stock all of the insert fitting necessary for new installations, repairs and upgrades. We stock a wide range of sprinkler bodies for all applications. If you are installing your system on a slope, you might want to take a look at body with a built in check valve. We carry extra long bodies if you need it to pop up over an obstruction.
PVB repair parts and speciality copper
saddles an hose clamps
sprinkler bodies

Subsurface irrigation is an environmentally friendly method to water your yard in Colorado's semi-arid climate. Sloped yards, irregular outlines and the heavy clay in our region are perfect candidates for a subsurface irrigation system. We carry the Netafim brand, the leader in low water use systems.

Click this link to read an informative article about the advantages of Subsurface Irrigation.

Netafim Techline CV driperline

Sprinkler backflow prevention is critical (and is required by local codes).  The FEBCO 765 series is the preferred model for most residential sprinkler systems. We recommend the 765-1 with attached union ball valves for our customers. The unions allow you to easily remove and store your expensive PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker)  inside during the cold winter months. Even when your sprinkler system is winterized, there is a possibility of broken internal parts. Most of our customers feel that the small additional expense is worth the peace of mind. If you are thinking of replacing an existing 765, the 765 with unions is an exact fit. We stock backflow repair kits to repair freeze damage to your PBV (also referred to as the backflow preventer). Check the bonnet or poppet closely for any sign of cracking and then purchase the bonnet, poppet or bonnet and poppet repair kit.
The FEBCO 825  RPA "Reduced Pressure Assembly" is required for special installations. Check your local building codes for required installations.

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 Stop in and check out our selection.

Febco 825 YA reduced pressure assemby
Febco 765 -  PVB
Watts vaccuum breaker
Febco 765-1 UVBwith unions

MP Rotator sprinkler heads are the newest innovation in sprinkler head design.

They combine the best in water conservation, low cost and ease of installation of all sprinkler heads on the market today. MP Rotators have been proven in years of agricultural use and have an excellent history of reliability and durability. Several municipalities have designated them as eligible for water conservation rebates.         

  • Matched Precipitation (that is what the "MP" in "MP Rotator" stands for). The water coverage is the same for all MP Rotator heads, including the MP1000, MP2000, MP3000,  MP Strip and MPCorner. Different MP Rotator heads can be mixed in the same zone and still maintain a uniform watering rate.
  • Fewer watering zones are required. Fewer zones mean a less complicated (and less expensive) timer, less trenching and less overall complexity
  • Less expensive to buy than equivalent gear rotor sprinkler heads with more precise coverage. 
  • MUCH less wasted water than conventional pop-up spray heads. MP Rotators put out water droplets instead of the fine spray that can drift and evaporate before getting to your lawn. 
  • Color Coded heads make matching and identification a snap.
  • Rotator® Technology proven in demanding agricultural conditions since 1987
  • One moving part (compared to the complicated gears in the "normal" gear rotator)
  • Patented "double-pop" flushes on start-up and shut-down without increasing spray head flow-by video of the MP Rotator 

Click here to read an informative article on MP Rotator sprinkler heads

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MP Rotator replacement sprinkler head


Pipe, Valves and Valve boxes
We stock 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" , 1-1/2" and 2" Poly pipe. We carry a large stock of PVC pipe and fittings for most residential sprinkler systems.
We carry many hard to find items to make your installation go as smooth as possible.

Questions? Contact us  Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you.
Stop by our store at 418 8th St. SE, Building B Unit 3 in Loveland, CO or give us a call.

(970) 278-1999