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MP Rotator nozzle specifications
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How do MPRotator's save water ?
Lawn's soak up water slowly. (Approximately .2 to .4 inches per hour for heavy clay soils and up to .75 inches per hour for sandy loam.) Standard "pop-up" spray heads put down 1.5 inches per hour - or more. The water is applied to your lawn faster than it can be absorbed. Consequently, much of the water ends up running into the gutter.
MPRotator heads dispense water slowly enough so that the water has a chance to soak in and water the root system.
Gear rotor heads put down about the same amount of water per hour as MPRotator's but application rate is uneven and you need to use different nozzle sizes to get the correct application rate. For example, if you use a 2 GPM nozzle for a corner (90 degrees), you will need to use a 4 GPM nozzle for half circle (180 degrees) and an 8 GPM nozzle for a full circle (360 degrees). Plus you have to adjust the radius by diverting the spray with a set screw. This causes a lot of misting and overspray. MPRotators have a constant precipation rate, regardless of radius adjustment.

How does this affect my watering schedule?
MPRotator sprinkler heads put out .4 inches of water per hour (average). All MPRotator heads put out the same amount of water per square foot of lawn coverage, regardless of the style. This is very important, as it makes the sprinkler design very straightforward.
If you want to water the "standard" one inch of water per week, you will need 2.5 hours, (or 150 minutes), per week on each zone. But, because MPRotator's use much less water per head, more heads can be placed on each zone. Your overall watering time may not increase at all.

How many MP Rotator heads can I put on one zone?
That varies depending on what size MPRotator head you are using and how many gallons per minute your house plumbing can supply.
Let's look at a couple of examples:

You have 8 gallons per minute (GPM) flow and you are installing the MP1000 (maroon) heads. These heads use .35 GPM at a half circle. You could install 22 of these heads on one zone! (The calculation is 8 GPM flow /.35GPM used per head equals 22.8 heads per zone). This is two to three times as many heads per zone as in a "standard" pop-up sprinkler head design.

In a more real-life example, let's use the same 8GPM flow and a combination of quarter, half and full circle MP2000 heads. We have 4 MP2000's - one in each corner - set to 90 degrees of coverage (.40 GPM per head times 4 heads equals 1.6 GPM). We have 4 MP2000's - each one in the center of each side - set to 180 degrees of coverage (.74 GPM times 4 heads equals 2.96 GPM). And finally we have 2 MP2000's in the middle of the yard. These are fixed at 360 degrees and put out 1.47 GMP time 2 heads for a total of 2.94 GPM. If we add the three totals (1.6 plus 2.96 plus 2.94) we get a total of 7.5 GPM, which is less than our available 8 GPM. This could be an entire backyard on one zone.

I have spray zones and rotor zones - can I still use the MPRotator heads?
Since all of the MP heads put out the same amount of water per hour, you can mix any size MPs and still have matched precipitation throughout your yard. For any zones where you have both pop-ups and gear rotors, replace all the heads with MPRotator's. You will see a dramatic improvement in coverage and an overall lower water bill.

How about MPRotator's for a new installation?
We generally design all of our installations using MPRotator heads. If the homeowner does the installation, the layout is very straightforward, there are fewer control valves and less expensive valve timer. You can get equivalent coverage of gear rotor heads at one-third less cost.

How do I adjust the radius (distance)
Use the orange tool screw tip. Place it over the top tiny screw on the MP head. While the head is running, Turn 3 or 4 full turns clockwise. The head will begin to adjust quickly. (see photo)

How do I adjust the Arc? (portion of circle)
Use the MP Rotator Adjustment Tool for faster, easier adjustments.

· Install the MP Rotator with the Left Edge Indicator pointing to left side of the desired watering area.

· With the water on and the MP Rotator in the pop-up position, rotate Arc Adjustment Ring clockwise to increase the arc, counter-clockwise to decrease the arc.

· Use the built in ratchet feature to fine tune edge alignment by simply overriding the left or right resistance points in either direction.


Adjustment for MP Rotator