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MP Rotator - an unusual name for an innovative and water conserving new sprinkler head design

MP Rotator sprinkler heads are the newest innovation in sprinkler head design. They combine the best in water conservation, low cost and ease of installation of all sprinkler heads on the market today. MP Rotators have been proven in years of agricultural use and have an excellent history of reliability and durability. MP rotators are proven water savers and several municipalities in Colorado have designated them as eligible for water conservation rebates. The cities of Boulder http://www.ci.boulder.co.us/ and Colorado Springs http://www.csu.org/ offer rebates when you use MP Rotators. Studies have shown that you can expect up to a 30 percent reduction in lawn water usage, with an overall better looking lawn. The MP Rotator web site www.mprotator.com is one of the best internet sites around for providing useful technical information, design information and even videos of MP Rotator heads in action. Or, you can visit our web site at www.mprotator.biz for valuable information or if you want to buy MP Rotators on line.

MP Rotators are a great solution for upgrading an old and poorly performing sprinkler system. In most cases, you just remove the old, water wasting spray nozzle and replace it with the MP Rotator head. You don’t even have to take the main sprinkler body out of the ground. MP Rotator heads fit Rainbird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro and most other manufacturer’s pop up bodies.

For new installations they can save a lot of time and expense because fewer watering zones are required. This means you don’t need as many expensive valves and a less complicated (and less expensive) timer is required. MP Rotators are color coded so selecting the proper sprinkler head for each zone is easier. And with “matched precipitation”, any of the heads, side strips, end strips and corner heads can be in any combination necessary.

Matched Precipitation is what the "MP" in "MP Rotator" stands for. Matched precipitation is one of the key advantages to using MP Rotators. In order to minimize water waste, there are a variety of MP Rotator heads that are made specifically for different areas of the lawn. The water coverage is the same for all heads and any of them can be used in the same sprinkler zone. There are no nozzles to replace and the precise watering pattern stays the same as you make adjustments.

From our experience, there are two main complaints concerning our customers existing sprinkler system: brown areas right around the sprinkler head or in certain areas of the yard and one or more heads that do not “pop up” all the way and then the water just dribbles out of the head.

The cause of both of these problems is usually related to a loss of water pressure. When new houses are built, the water pressure in the area is pretty high. As more houses are built and development increases, water pressure throughout the area drops.  

A good design provides “head to head” coverage. This means that each sprinkler head expects the grass next to it to be watered by the heads to either side. As the water pressure drops, the distance each head sprays decreases and brown, dried up spots appear next to the heads or in the middle of the yard. If the water pressure drops enough, there is not enough pressure to push the head all the way to the top where it seals.

MP Rotators are a perfect solution to this problem. Each MP Rotator uses less than half of the water per head of a comparable pop-up head. The fix is as easy as unscrewing all of the old spray nozzles and screwing in replacement MP Rotator heads. After the replacement is complete, the water pressure you now have is enough to pop up all of the heads as well as giving you back the coverage you need. Since you can’t get something for nothing, you will need to increase the length of time that the zone is watered.

Surprising as it seems, this is actually an advantage. Many areas in Colorado have a dense, clay soil. Consequently, water is absorbed into the ground slowly. If water is applied faster than it can be absorbed (as many spray heads do), the excess runs off into the gutter. Since MP Rotators put the water on the lawn at a lower application rate, the water will sink into the lawn and provide the moisture where it is needed.

MP Rotators are also a good alternative to the larger gear rotors. Since gear rotor sprinklers spray out one jet of water, you need a small nozzle size for a corner, twice that size for a side and twice that again for a full circle. Plus, the adjustment screw that is used to decrease the spray radius causes the water stream to spread sideways, so you get more fine mist and overspray, putting water where you don’t want it.

MP Rotators use a multi-stream spray. As you increase the arc, the numbers of spray streams increases so the precipitation rate stays uniform throughout the entire adjustment range. Since the spray is controlled before it leaves the head, the droplet pattern remains the same.

If you are planning on installing your own sprinkler system, having one installed or upgrading an existing one, you should give MP Rotators some serious thought. Simple system design, durable construction, lawn water savings and ease of installation and repair make MP Rotators one of the most significant improvements in lawn care in many years. We use them on most of our designs and we sell more MP Rotator’s than any other brand in our inventory. Give us a call if you have questions, need a design, parts or want a complete sprinkler system installation.

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