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MPRotator Specification Page

MPRotator sprinkler heads are the newest innovation in sprinkler head design. They combine the best in water conservation, low cost and ease of installation of all sprinkler heads on the market today. MPRotators have been proven in years of acricultural use and have an excellent history of reliability and durability. Several municipalities have designated them as eligible for water conservation rebates.

  • Matched Precipitation (that is what the "MP" in "MPRotator" stands for). The water coverage is the same for all MPRotator heads, including the MP1000, MP2000, MP3000 and MPCorner. Different MPRotator heads can be mixed in the same zone.
  • Fewer watering zones are required. Fewer zones mean a less complicated (and less expensive) timer, less trenching and less overall complexity.
  • Less expensive to buy than equivalent gear rotor sprinkler heads with more precise coverage.
  • MUCH less wasted water than conventional pop-up spray heads. MPRotators put out water droplets instead of the fine spray that drift and evaporate before getting to your lawn.
  • Color Coded heads make matching and identification a snap.

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Innovative design incorporating low cost, straightforward system design and
proven water conservation ability.
The following chart is a quick reference guide that you can use to
easily select the proper MP Rotator head for your yard.

Click this image to view the full size MP Rotator head selection guide

MPRotator Cutaway with description