Newspaper article dated January 2007


With spring well underway, homeowners are thinking about getting their sprinkler systems up and running. For many that means repairs and maybe a few tweaks.  For others, it may mean a redesign or even an installation.  Some homeowners may consider adding a pond or fountain to their landscape this year.


For the do-it-yourselfer, there’s only one stop to make, according to Mike Price, owner of CJ&J Sprinkler & Pond Supply. From drawing up a plan, to purchasing supplies and renting tools, the company is focused on helping homeowners get their sprinklers and water features ready for summer.


After its recent move from downtown Loveland to its new location in the Sierra Plaza South Business Park on Eighth Street SW, the company has focused its operation on sprinklers and backyard ponds.  Previously, the company also offered plumbing supplies but dropped plumbing parts in order to expand the core business and greatly expand the drip and other water savings sprinkler methods.


“Our new space allows us to focus on what we do best and to provide competitive prices on contractor-grade materials,” said Mike.  “We carry a wide variety of hard to find repair parts for most of the major brands of sprinkler and valve parts.  We provide the whole gamut of sprinkler and pond supplies — for new systems and repairs. We carry fish food and pond chemicals in addition to pumps, skimmers and pond liner.”


Mike partners in the business with his son, Chris.  “Chris is the real brains behind the business,” Mike said.  “He does all the designs and knows the details of how the sprinkler systems function.”

“A lot of people would like to install their own sprinkler system or pond. They just need someone to give them good advice or help with some specific problems” Chris added. “Most people have to live within a budget, and we understand that. You can save as much as two-thirds of the total cost by doing the installation yourself.”  Chris emphasized that they could handle the installation, if that is what the customer wanted.


With one stop, homeowners can get everything they need to install or repair their sprinkler systems.  “We have forms for the homeowner to get the required building permits; we will do the design or work with a customer’s design.  We carry PVC, copper and poly pipe as well as all of the fittings and connectors, timers and tools. We even rent trenchers and pipe pullers. It really is one-stop shopping.”


The company also carries a variety of fountains — genuine slate floor and table size, misting, flowing and lighted.  The fountains not only add beauty and a focal point to the home or landscape, they also have health benefits, according to Mike.


The store is located at 418 Eighth St. SW, building B, Unit 3 (just east of Hwy. 287) and is open 6 days a week during the summer.  Go to for a map and more information. Call (970) 278-1999 for hours and to get additional information.